Announcing Rising Tide White Rum

Stowaway Spirits New Product


Stowaway Spirits is pleased to announce that our first product Rising Tide White Rum is now available for purchase at select locations in Oregon and available at any liquor store by request.

Made from traditional ingredients, Rising Tide White Rum’s fermentation is a simple mix of unrefined sugar and molasses that is fermented and distilled clean to a controlled flavor profile. It is run through the still twice to produce a balanced flavor profile. On the second run, dunder is added to further enhance the taste. The final run is cut in the middle so only the finest quality rum is retained. After the final cut is made, the rum that has been collected is proofed by adding fresh local spring water to produce a product ready for the bottle. Rising Tide White Rum is 43% alcohol by volume, 86 proof. It is our belief that the higher proof than traditional white rums gives Rising Tide a more pronounced flavor profile.

Rising Tide White Rum is inspired by the shores of the Oregon coast and can be easily spotted on shelves with its blue and gray nautical themed label. It is currently available at Hard Time Distillery locations in Monroe and select liquor stores near you. If you don’t see it on the shelf just ask the store clerk for it and they can order it in.

Founded in the foothills of Oregon, Stowaway Spirits products are proudly crafted and distilled locally. We have transformed our passion for the moonshining tradition with our background in engineering to create a line of high quality spirits at an affordable price.

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