Announcing Rising Tide White Rum

Stowaway Spirits New Product

Stowaway Spirits is pleased to announce that our first product Rising Tide White Rum is now available for purchase at select locations in Oregon and available at any liquor store by request. Made from traditional ingredients, Rising Tide White Rum’s fermentation is a simple mix of unrefined sugar and molasses that is fermented and distilled clean to a controlled flavor …

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First Batch Awaits

Stowaway Spirits News

Welcome to Stowaway Spirits! We are a brand new distiller in Oregon encompassing the spirit of moonshining tradition with the precision of engineering. We are busy with our brand new still, handcrafting our first ever product Rising Tide White Rum! More details will follow in the coming weeks. Until then, be sure to follow @StowawySpirits on Twitter and like us on Facebook.com/StowawaySpirits so you …