Rising Tide White Rum

 43% ALC. BY VOL. (86 PROOF)

Check out what just washed ashore. This light and fruity rum is great for shooting or mixing into your favorite cocktails. Made from traditional ingredients and handcrafted for your pleasure.

Rising Tide White Rum’s fermentation is simple mix of sugar and molasses that is distilled clean to a controlled flavor. It is run through the still twice to produce a balanced flavor profile. On the second run, dunder is added to further enhance the taste. The final run is cut in the middle so only the finest quality rum is poured into your bottle.

Get out of the choppy waters and treat your cocktails right. Discover the smooth taste of Rising Tide White Rum.


Rising Tide Spiced Rum

We can’t wait to share our special recipe with you. We will be shaking things up with our spiced rum later this year.


Rising Tide Black Rum

We are putting the finishing touches on it right now. When night falls later this year, we’ll be ready with our very own dark rum.